Born in East London I have a special bond with the area and I have seen the huge transition which has happened over the past few years. Full of creatives and people alike, this part of the city is full of interesting and more importantly, delicious! places to visit.

Whether East London is your home or not, here I have collected all the best spots for you to enjoy and would like to dedicate this website to everything East London. From new openings to new exhibitions, and of course my top places to eat for the food and the interior.

I am an Interior Designer and my aim is to make East feel like your home with the knowledge of where to go and when.

All photographs are my own unless otherwise stated, and I really do hope you enjoy my posts and start to feel the way I do about this incredible city. East London has a special place in my heart, I’m here to share it.

Lots of Love,

Emily – East is home xo